Focus on fatigue

Research studies are targeting the most common MS symptom.

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What exactly does a healthy diet look like?

Good nutrition is important for people with MS, because it can lower the risk of developing other diseases and disorders.

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A lasting legacy

“Miss Susie’s” last gift to the Society capped 32 years of dedicated service.

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Power of connection

Groups offer a sense of community for people with MS.

Letter from CEO

Bringing you the resources you need

Cyndi Zagieboylo on where and how to find the resources you need during your MS journey.

Linda S. Bridges

Just keep going

It’s not always easy, but I’m grateful for everything I can do.

Paper mache giraffe

Spirituality and a giraffe

Creating paper-mache animals for inspiration.

Scale with apple or hamburger

Weighing a healthy diet

Eating well could be a big step toward feeling well.

Service dog assisting a person with wheelchair mobility

The buddy system

Service dogs help with everyday tasks for people with MS.

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