Get growing

For many, gardening is a way to reconnect with nature, and provides a necessary balm to the spirit.

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Taking off the kid gloves

Researchers delve into pediatric MS with hopes that their findings will help solve the MS puzzle.


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A step forward

Walk MS is a great way to make connections and work toward a world free of MS.

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Cohousing community

A place to call home

Finding affordable accessible housing can be a challenge. Cohousing offers new options for people with MS.

Man with cane

Stand or fall

Momentum interviews Debra Frankel, the Society’s vice president of Programs, Services and Clinical Care, about programs that help people with multiple sclerosis prevent—and recover from—falls.

The still spot illustration

The still spot

Judy Stegman shares how she finds a moment of peace while meeting the demands of caring for her husband, who lives with MS.

Bulbs and flowers

Bloom where you're planted

One woman with MS finds that connecting with her fellow residents at an assisted living facility helps her adjust to her “new normal.”

Alan Buegeleisen with his parents

A personal stamp

Three generations of a family affected by MS use their passion to raise money for MS research. They adapt their methods to their life changes but still find ways to keep the flame burning.

people getting tax advice

Know your deductions

People with multiple sclerosis should be aware of a range of medical and business deductions that they may be able to take.

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