Your MS, your body.

Andrea Williams, with her black Labrador retriever,
Bertie, uses a variety of
treatments to relieve her
pain. But, as is the case
for many people with
MS, they don’t totally
eliminate her discomfort. Photo by Nick  Berard

Pain, pain go away

Winter 2015-16

Pain relief is here.

Julie Gains, Susie Gaines, Mario Batali and David Lenovitz

Dishing on food, friends and family

Winter 2015-16

Celebrity chef Mario Batali and MS researchers dish on the role of food.


Recognizing a relapse

Winter 2015-16

Identifying an exacerbation needn’t be exasperating.

Collage showing time passing and aging.

Aging with MS

Fall 2015

Learn whether your changing symptoms are the result of MS progression or aging.


When it’s something else

Fall 2015

Other conditions can have remarkably similar symptoms to MS. Don’t mistake these conditions with aging and/or MS progression.


Should you get a flu shot?

Fall 2015

The pros and cons of getting a flu shot, explained.


Hard to swallow

Fall 2015

Swallowing problems can occur as part of MS, but a range of treatments can restore dignity and pleasure to mealtime.

Conceptual illustration of a patient choosing his own path.

When doctors move on

Fall 2015

What to consider if your doctor moves across town—or farther.


Bowel issues? Help is here!

Summer 2015

Learn about the treatments and lifestyle changes that can reduce bowel problems.


Bringing exercise home

Summer 2015

Think you can’t exercise because of MS-related fatigue or mobility problems, or perhaps transportation challenges? Consider a home-based fitness program.

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