Your MS, your body.

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‘Tis the season for holiday travel

Winter 2014-15

Holiday travel doesn’t have to make you say bah, humbug. Here are some tips for happy travels.

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Support for veterans with MS

Winter 2014–15

The Department of Veterans Affairs is working to improve care for veterans with MS—who number at least 30,000 nationwide.

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Protecting your privacy

Winter 2014–15

Get hip on HIPAA, the law that contains rules about your medical privacy.


Medical marijuana: hype or hope?

Fall 2014

Medical marijuana has been both lauded and loathed. Learn more about what the MS community has to say about using the herb and its extracts to treat certain symptoms of the disease.


Thinking about trying medical marijuana?

Fall 2014

You questions on medical marijuana answered.

A healthcare professional helping a patient.

Advocates on your side

Fall 2014

A range of resources can help people with MS sort through the ever-changing world of treatment options and insurance claims.


Walk this way—Nordic style

Fall 2014

Nordic walking can be a great exercise option for people with MS who have balance or gait issues.

Nordic walking poles are different than hiking
and trekking poles, and offer features specific
to this sport.

Pole position

Fall 2014


Seeing through the smoke

Fall 2014

Wondering whether there is a connection between smoking and MS development and progression? Researchers think there is.


E-cigarettes spark controversy

Fall 2014

Electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” are gaining popularity, especially among young people and those trying to quit smoking. But are e-cigarettes really any healthier than traditional cigarettes?