Your MS, your body.

Illustrations by Stuart Briers

Beating the heat

Summer 2014

We offer some strategies for staying cool on hot summer days.

Dave Bexfield, diagnosed with MS in 2006, enjoys playing tennis,
so he adapts the sport to his needs by wearing a cooling vest to
manage heat. 
Photo courtesy of Chip Simons

Keep moving with MS

Summer 2014

Learn how you can adjust the activities you love to do in the summer to your health and wellness needs.


Too hot to cook?

Summer 2014

Dealing with MS during the dog days of summer can make preparing even the simplest meals feel daunting. A nutritionist offers healthy, cooling recipes for the hottest days.


Recipe: Cold gazpacho soup

Summer 2014

Gazpacho, another summertime favorite, comes together as easily as tossing veggies into a blender. Try this delicious recipe.


Cool confections: Watermelon-mint granita recipe

Summer 2014

Try this sweet, healthy treat to cool off in the heat of summer. Follow this recipe to make watermelon-mint granitas.


Summer slumber

Summer 2014

Heat often makes it harder for people with MS to sleep in the summer. Learn more about getting quality sleep when the weather warms up.

A person with MS rides Bandit during a hippotherapy session.

Horse power

Spring 2014

A horse? Of course! In hippotherapy—named after the Greek word “hippos,” for horse—the animal’s movements can be used as an alternative to traditional treatment tools.

Laurie Reiser gardening at the Grand Junction Community Garden

Get growing

Spring 2014

For many, gardening is a way to reconnect with nature, and provides a necessary balm to the spirit.


Stand or fall

Spring 2014

Momentum interviews Debra Frankel, the Society’s vice president of Programs, Services and Clinical Care, about programs that help people with multiple sclerosis prevent—and recover from—falls.

Illustration of a figure navigating a map to find MS medications.

The medication map

Winter 2013-2014

It’s important to weigh several factors when deciding which disease-modifying medication to take for your MS.