Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Dave Bexfield takes a sip of water to stay cool.  Photo by Chip Simons.

Summer guide to managing heat and MS

Summer 2014

Visit our summer “stay cool” guide for tips on being active, getting meals on the table, and getting a good night’s sleep in the midst of summer heat.

Sarah Keitt and kids

The parenting puzzle

Summer 2014

Many parents with MS worry that they’re not able to do enough for their children. Learn strategies for maximizing what you can do.


Blowing hot and cold: Assistance with air conditioning costs

Summer 2014

Some public utilities commission offer medical exemptions for those whose health conditions require higher power consumption. Learn what states are doing to help people save on utilities and beat the heat this summer.


Man of steel: An MS hero

Summer 2014

Most people aren’t aware of the sheer struggle it takes day in and day out to live with MS. One carepartner thinks it’s time we change that.

In “Self Portrait of the Artist’s Brain I,” artist Elizabeth Jameson saturates an MRI with vibrant colors of French dye on silk, to portray herself as a person with energy and passion, despite having a brain disease that threatens those qualities.Images by Elizabeth Jameson

Beautiful brain

Summer 2014

See the work of artist Elizabeth Jameson, who reinterprets brain scans and uses art to convey her emotions and feelings about her MS.

Ann Zabaldo shown with her cohousing community.

A place to call home

Spring 2014

Accessibility, affordability and amenities are just a few of the factors to consider in choosing a home. Learn more about cohousing options and how people with MS can benefit.


Bloom where you’re planted

Spring 2014

One woman with MS finds that connecting with her fellow residents at an assisted living facility helps her adjust to her “new normal.”

Woman juggles finding peace while caring for her husband with MS.

The still spot

Spring 2014

Judy Stegman shares how she finds a moment of peace while meeting the demands of caring for her husband, who lives with MS.

Joan Seliger Sidney


Spring 2014

Poet Joan Seliger Sidney, PhD, shares the effects of hiding her MS to protect her loved ones.

Two walking along the beach

The shifting tides of moods in MS

Winter 2013-2014

MS symptoms aren’t just physical; emotional changes are common, too. Learn how to manage when moods strike.