Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Photo illustration of medical records and pens on a desk.

Organize your medical records

Winter 2014-15

Experts offer tips and tricks for organizing medical information—whether you prefer digital or paper systems.

John Pierce (center) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1985. He found a way to continue to enjoy his favorite winter sport using a sit-ski.  Photo courtesy of John Pierce.

Ready, set, snow!

Winter 2014-15

Adaptations can make winter sports possible— and the whole season more fun—for people with MS.

Illustration for Stress article

Solutions for holiday stress

Winter 2014-15

To-do lists, family expectations and the realities of living with MS can make holiday stress feel overwhelming. Solution-focused conversations can help.

Illustration of woman with cracked face

Letting the cracks show

Winter 2014-15

A woman finds that leaning on others for support allows her to grow.

Photo of Barbara Gurman's "Just Be" cards.

Life in color

Winter 2014-15

A woman with progressive MS uses her limited movement to produce inspirational art.

Illustration by Mona Daly.

Becoming carepartners

Fall 2014

It’s not easy being in a relationship when MS is in the picture. Find out how some couples make it work.

James Speegle, seated with a wood walking stick he carved, enjoys his log cabin. At the encouragement of his partner, Suzanne, he painted the door to resemble a fireplace.

Lessons of life—and MS—passed from father to son

Fall 2014

In building a log lodge, I connected with my dad, who also lived with MS.

Illustrations by Bonnie Timmons.

Think outside the product box

Fall 2014

One woman takes a humorous look at how people with MS can overcome the challenge of buying products originally intended for someone much older.

Dave Bexfield takes a sip of water to stay cool.  Photo by Chip Simons.

Summer guide to managing heat and MS

Summer 2014

Visit our summer “stay cool” guide for tips on being active, getting meals on the table, and getting a good night’s sleep in the midst of summer heat.

Sarah Keitt and kids

The parenting puzzle

Summer 2014

Many parents with MS worry that they’re not able to do enough for their children. Learn strategies for maximizing what you can do.