Daily strategies for living well with MS.

It’s often hard for people with multiple sclerosis to ask for help repeatedly—whether for a physical task, such as grocery shopping, or with emotional support. But people with MS can often give back in other ways.  Photo by David Nevala

Circle of support

Fall 2015

People with MS can benefit from a network of support. Learn how to overcome the risk of burning out a pool of just a few carepartners, friends and family members.

Carol Huebner and her husband, Paul, at the Wu Hou Shrine.

A life abroad

Fall 2015

A woman with progressive MS enjoys living and traveling in China.


Social season

Summer 2015

Even though summer heat can be oppressive, the season does not have stifle your social life. Here are ways to stay connected.


Hack your kitchen

Summer 2015

Learn about inexpensive kitchen modifications for a range of MS symptoms.


The changing landscape of life insurance

Summer 2015

The road is much smoother than in years past for people with MS.

Lydiaemily, street artist with MS

Street artist takes on MS

Summer 2015

With a bit of grit and determination—as well as paint and sparkly shoelaces—street artist Lydia Emily keeps life with MS real.

Ofer Agam skydiving

Making the jump

Summer 2015

A parachute offers freedom; but courage comes from the heart.


Animal attraction

Spring 2015

More than just friends: Dogs and other animals can enrich the lives of people with MS.


Making employment decisions

Spring 2015

Be your own boss when it comes to making work decisions related to your MS.


Get social

Spring 2015

Looking for connections? Consider social media, which offers a way to talk to and learn from others with MS.

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