Studies to stop MS, restore function and end MS forever.

Normal nerve cell and nerve cell affected by MS

Jumpstarting myelin repair

Summer 2014

Researchers are developing new understanding of what causes the cells that produce and repair myelin to succeed or fail.

Gary Anzovino, exercising to improve his cognition

Conditioning for cognition

Summer 2014

Can physical exercise improve cognition in people with MS? New studies examine the benefits of physical exercise on the cognitive abilities of people with MS.

Researchers conduct a cognitive test with a young girl with MS.

Taking off the kid gloves

Spring 2014

Researchers delve into pediatric MS with hopes that their findings will help solve the MS puzzle.


Pinpointing pain

Spring 2014

You’re not alone. Pain is one of the most common symptoms in multiple sclerosis. New studies are investigating why and how pain occurs as part of MS.

Illustration of gastrointestinal system.

A gut reaction to MS

Winter 2013-2014

Find out how scientists are exploring possible links between the gut, the immune system and MS.

Dr. Jonah Chan, winner of the 2013 Barancik Prize, is researching the potential of existing drugs used for common medical conditions to promote myelin repair.

Barancik Prize winner aims for myelin repair

Winter 2013-2014

Dr. Jonah Chan develops method for rapidly testing thousands of existing drugs. Dr. Chan’s revolutionary research stood out among the work of 26 other nominees for the National MS Society’s inaugural Barancik Prize for Innovation in Multiple Sclerosis Research.


New heights for progressive MS research

Fall 2013

Why do some people experience aggressive worsening of their multiple sclerosis and others experience a mild course? The Serial Unified Multicenter MS InvesTigation investigates.

Tim Coetzee, Ph.D.

Staying informed about MS in the news

Fall 2013

Learn to sort the science from the sales pitches, and make informed decisions about your MS.


New hope for repairing myelin damage in MS

Fall 2013

Stem cell therapy holds the promise of actually repairing myelin, a step that would be particularly helpful to people in the progressive phase of MS.

Dr. George Ebers

The Ebers effect: Unraveling the MS and vitamin D connection

Fall 2013

Professor George Ebers receives the 2013 John Dystel Prize for his research into the connection between vitamin D and MS.