Daily strategies for living well with MS.


Still dope

Winter 2018-19

The women of WeAreILLmatic portray a powerful MS community.

Gina Daddazio

On the move

Winter 2018-19

Assistive devices can help people with MS stay active. But learning to accept them can be a challenge.

Jodi Johnson

Adventures with Bumblebee

Winter 2018-19

Living life—and popping wheelies—with my scooter.

The Melameds

Repair the world

Winter 2018-19

A superhero inspires a bar mitzvah project.

Garvis Leak

At the front

Fall 2018

60,000 U.S. military veterans live with MS.

Illustration by Roy Scott

Power of connection

Fall 2018

Support groups offer a sense of community for people with MS.

Photos courtesy of Linda S. Bridges

Just keep going

Fall 2018

It’s not always easy, but I’m grateful for everything I can do.

Bryan & Amanda Bickell

Keeping MS in check

Fall 2018

Former professional hockey player Bryan Bickell brings a positive outlook to living with MS.

Service dog

The buddy system

Fall 2018

Service dogs help with everyday tasks and offer companionship to people with MS.


Spirituality and a giraffe

Fall 2018

Creating paper-mache animals for inspiration.

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